37043 Baneberry Ridge, Moose Pass, Alaska 99631

Located in the town  Moose Pass on Alaska's Kenai
Peninsula; we are approximately a ninety minute
drive from Anchorage.

We have produced custom furniture that has been
shipped both nationally and internationally.

Owner Jan Odhner has had over twenty years’
experience in the custom woodworking industry;
and with an educational background in the fine
arts you can expect the very highest level of
quality, creativity, and craftsmanship.

We can help you achieve the needs and solutions
to a particular area of your home, business, or
marine vessel. We can work with you, your
designer, or architects to develop the design and
materials for your project.

High quality craftsmanship, the finest materials,
and attention to detail will insure you have a
unique and creative product that you will be proud



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